Metaverse Observations from the 10th Dimension

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A Second Coming for Second Life

Deloitte Reaches into the 10th Dimension

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Metaverse 201: Virtual Platforms

Elsewhere in the Metaverse

  • Turkish cows increased their daily milk production from 22 liters to 27 liters when VR headsets were strapped around their heads. Will this Turkish farmer please reveal what he was showing them?
  • The Selfridges department store in London is launching a Decentraland-situated exhibition of Victor Vasarely’s optical illusions in parallel to the physical exhibition marking 25 years since the death of the Hungarian-French artist. This is not an illusion.
  • The Australian Open is the first major sporting event hosted in the Metaverse. Last year’s global viewership reached over one billion viewers. How many will visit it this year thanks to the Metaverse, and can Djokovic be prevented from logging on as well?
  • Sony, via its subsidiary Hawk-Eye, will be digitally recreating Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium for fans to explore on the Metaverse. It seems ticket sales are down.

Looking Ahead

Right as we are going to press, Microsoft announces the highly consequential acquisition of game studio Activision Blizzard for a whopping $68.7 billion, by far its biggest ever acquisition. The deal, valuing the maker of such leading and influential games as Call-of-Duty and World of Warcraft significantly above its last market price, is the most important news for the Metaverse since Facebook’s rebranding to Meta and its announcement of an annual $10 billion R&D investment in developing the Metaverse.



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Metaverse Observations

Metaverse Observations

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