Metaverse Observations from the IAS

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Financial Markets

You can check out this section on our website directly, where we feature various publicly traded companies that may play a role in the Metaverse, be it by developing it, by hosting it, or by creating the computing technology necessary to power it.

NASA will stop in the Metaverse on its way to Mars

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2022 is a Blockbuster Year for the Gaming Industry

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Elsewhere in the Metaverse

  • Dubai announced a plan to support and develop an ambitious Metaverse-friendly ecosystem, the UAE official news agency reported. While details of the plan have not been revealed yet, the stated goal is to create 40,000 new jobs and add $4 billion to the emirate’s GDP over the next five years. If the city’s real estate and infrastructure developments is any indication, a glitzy, luxurious version of the Metaverse is on its way.
  • The University of Tokyo will roll out a number of Metaverse-based engineering courses to provide students a hands-on experience focused on learning about Metaverse applications and tools. We will pay close attention to the platform chosen to deliver them, and whether this next-generation model of education can successfully enable smooth communication channels between students and teachers and an effective learning experience as well.
  • Metaverse music studio Melon received $5 million in seed funding, the company announced. The creator of virtual music events on Roblox, Melon already is behind events held by KSI and Zara Larsson. They now seek to expand and accelerate their development. Investors participating in this round include Crush Ventures and Deborah Dugan. Just like in the traditional creative landscape, independent music labels and film companies will be valuable counterpoints to the well-established entertainment giants.
  • Digital art-dealer MetaMundo launched its highly anticipated NFT marketplace. The venture, backed by Animoca Brands, Polygon Studios and Everyreal specialises in primary art sales. Cutting-edge interoperability will be one key feature of the 3D NTFs that will be put up for sale on a rolling basis. Cofounder Finn Hansen also highlighted the importance of this universality: “We’re solving the lack of NFT interoperability through a unique architecture we’ve developed which features a versatile and extensible NFT metadata structure, supporting multiple 3D file versions.” After all, it would be a real bummer if one’s Modigliani could not be moved around different virtual worlds.
  • Telefonica, the leading Spanish telecommunications company, has announced that it invested in Gamium, a digital platform working on the decentralised social metaverse. Wayra, Telefonica’s innovation hub and VC arm, began its search for promising startups building the Metaverse a few months ago, and this latest investment further solidifies the company’s push to stay at the forefront of ongoing development projects. In addition, Telefonica also launched the Rafa Nadal Academy in the Metaverse so that “users can get to know one of the world’s leading sports centers without having to physically move.” The next step is creating a super futuristic version of tennis which also doesn’t require having to physically move. We may already have a name for it…Pong.

Looking Ahead

We will be addressing the “deep philosophical competition” between Apple and Meta, and returning to our series on digital twins. We are also aiming to soon introduce you to some of the great companies working to address various needs in the Metaverse industry.



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