Metaverse Observations from Heaven?

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Meta Building the World’s Fastest AI SuperComputer

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Metaverse 201: Picks and Shovels

Elsewhere in the Metaverse

  • California-based startup Emerge plans to bring physical touch into the Metaverse. They claim that users will be able to feel and interact with the virtual environment with their bare hands in what could be the “next paradigm shift in human interaction.” We really want to believe it.
  • Fireblocks, the Israeli custody provider for the crypto-native ecosystem, raised $550 million in series E funding, valuing the company at $8 billion, a pretty mediocre 11-fold increase from its valuation 11 months ago.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed on the company’s quarterly earnings call last week that it was exploring something in the virtual/reality intersection. “We’re a company in the business of innovation,” he said. We would hope they are putting at least part of their all-time quarterly revenue record of $123.9 billion to work on the Metaverse.
  • French retail leader Carrefour announced the acquisition of a 36-hectare parcel in the Sandbox for approximately €300,000. Asked about their reason for this purchase, their innovation director said that their “strategy is to be at the heart of emerging trends to understand them.” We suspect they really mean that it is to be at the heart of headlines.

Looking Ahead



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Metaverse Observations

Metaverse Observations

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