Metaverse Observations from an International Crisis

Financial Markets

You can check out this section on our website directly, where we feature various publicly traded companies that may play a role in the Metaverse, be it by developing it, by hosting it, or by creating the computing technology necessary to power it.

Disney Plans Happiest Place on Virtual Earth

Metaverse 201: Artificial Intelligence — Part 2

Elsewhere in the Metaverse

  • Animoca Brands, fresh off a modest $500 million fundraising round, announced a partnership with Play Magnus, partly owned by World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen, to bring chess to the Metaverse. The initial plans include organizing Chess Tour experiences in the Sandbox and producing collectible NFT cards of the top chess players. We have a feeling that the Beth Harmon card will go for slightly more than the Ian Nepomniachtchi card.
  • AXA France is foraying into the Metaverse by making its first acquisition of land in the Sandbox. The insurance company plans to build virtual spaces in this parcel where clients and employees will be able to hold meetings and attend conferences and training programs. CEO Patrick Cohen explained that “it is our responsibility to participate in major technological developments to secure the future.” Beyond securing the future, there is also a lot of business to secure, as insurers will be able to play an important roles in the ecosystem given all the valuable virtual goods that could be insured.
  • Snoop Dog has acquired the Death Row Records from Blackstone and plans to turn it into an NFT label to become “the first major in the Metaverse.” We are not exactly sure what that entails yet beyond asking for a lot of money from a lot of people.
  • Roblox, the online game creation company, reported 4T21 revenues of $770 million and 49.5 million daily active users. While this user base represented an increase of 33% from the year-ago period, its stock reacted very poorly due to worse than expected net losses, falling 26% following its earnings call, and pursuing its very difficult start of the year on the markets. Fortunately, there are many games on their platform that can lift the spirits.

Looking Ahead

Next week, we will complete our series on AI by looking at some of the most recent achievements, notably from the teams at Meta, who have just made significant announcements.



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Metaverse Observations

Metaverse Observations

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